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Park Myung Soo gifted hearing to a deaf child. According to ' Soree 119 ', Park Myung Soo took care of the entire costs of a 5 year old child's surgery to implant an artificial cochlea, as well as all the fees related to her speech therapy. She got her surgery back on the 8th, and when the surgery site heals in a month, she will get her artificial cochlea which will allow her to hear. 'Soree 119' reported that the surgery went well, and that she would recover within 2-3 weeks. The child was born early at 35 weeks and 6 days, spent 2 weeks at ICU, and was diagnosed with fetal hydrocephalus. She was diagnosed of being hard of hearing in 2017. Her family had a hard time paying for her surger... Full story

18 February