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Jessica Plummer appeared on Eastenders from 2019-2020. Picture: ITV/BBC. Jess Plummer is currently starring on I’m A Celebrity 2020. However, before that she appeared on Eastenders. Here’s a look at her soap career…. Jess Plummer is best known for being an actress who made her debut on Eastenders in 2019. Right now, though, she's swapped Walford for North Wales and is currently starring on I'm A Celebrity 2020. What Band Was Jessica Plummer in? Neon Jungle Songs, Members & Their Best Moments Jess Plummer's played Chantelle Atkins on Eastenders. Picture: BBC. Here’s a look at her career on the iconic soap…. WHO DID JESS PLUMMER PLAY ON EASTENDERS ? Jess portrayed the role of Chantelle Atkins. ... Full story

26 November