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' VT cosmetics ' launched the " BTS perfume.". The cosmetic brand introduced the 7 different types of perfume that each depicts the unique charms of the BTS members. Jin - a warm floral scent ' Eau de Coton .'. RM - strong woody scent ' Eau De Bois .'. SUGA - a refreshing scent of nature ' Eau de Vert .'. j-hope - a sweet and vibrant citrus scent ' Eau de Citrus .'. Jimin - a powdery vanilla scent ' Eau de Poudre .'. - a dark, mysterious musky floral scent ' Eau de Musk .'. Jungkook - cool, oceanic scent ' Eau d'Ocean .'. In the CF, BTS goes from black and white to vivid colors after spraying each of their unique scents. Watch the seductively alluring perfume CF with BTS above. Full story

24 May