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Sky’s chief executive, Jeremy Darroch, also cashed in £11.5m in shares in July. Photograph: Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian. Sky’s chief executive, Jeremy Darroch , was paid more than £16m in the year to the end of June, despite a hefty fall in annual profits at the broadcaster’s UK and Ireland business. Darroch’s total remuneration almost quadrupled year-on-year, from £4.6m in 2016 to £16.3m last year, thanks to a payout of nearly £12m under Sky’s long-term incentive plan. The scheme, which vests every two years, paid him a more modest £4.7m in 2015. He also received an almost maximum bonus of £1.9m, 186% of a potential 200% of his £1.04m annual salary. The payouts came as Sky’s total op... Full story

13 September