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K-Pop Girl Group KARA's former singer and actress, Ku Hara, expressed her broken heart over Sulli's death by a video letter. She posted several photos of memories on her Instagram with the words, "May she can do what she wants in the next world." On October 15th, she wrote, "My tears don't stop. I still can't believe it. Beautiful Sulli in many photos, Sulli.". Ku Hara also sent a video letter to Sulli on Instagram live on October 15th. She said, "I'm sorry I can't go to meet you as I'm in Japan. I'm so sorry that I am saying goodbye this way." "Be as you are, Do things you wanted to do. I will try to live life here living up to your life.". She added, "I'm fine, everyone. I was really clos... Full story

15 October