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2. In Seoul (Feat. Sunwoo JungA ). 3. LOVEDRUNK (Feat. CRUSH ). 4. Eternal Sunshine. 5. No Different (Feat. Yuna ). 6. Rain Again Tomorrow. 7. Lullaby For A Cat. Epik High has released their eagerly-awaited followup to their LP " We've Done Something Wonderful. " A springtime release, ' sleepless in __________ ' contains 7 brand new songs and includes a bevy of collaborators, including singer/songwriter Yuna , and hip-hop/R&B artist Crush . This is their first album since leaving YG , so it should be interesting to see what they have in store for us. The intro track is " Sleepless ," a strange song comprised of questions about depression asked by a computer-generated voice over the tinkling key... Full story

18 March