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BTS ' j-hope made a meaningful donation for his birthday. ChildFund Korea revealed j-hope donated 100 million KRW (88,809 USD) on February 18. The idol star wanted to join his fans who made donations on his birthday and specifically asked ChildFund Korea to use his donation for his high school in Gwangju. This is not the first time j-hope made donations to ChildFund Korea. Back on December 20, j-hope donated 150 million KRW (133,215 USD) for the children in need. With a total donation amount of 250 million KRW (222,024 USD), j-hope has become the 146th member of ChildFund Korea's 'Green Noble Club.'. Donors who donate over 100 million KRW are given the 'Green Noble Club' membership. Lee Ja... Full story

18 February