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The most revolutionary aspect of Bit , writer/director Brad Michael Elmore’s unapologetically queer feminist vampire film, is the thing that goes unsaid. There’s nothing inherently new about queer horror, though in recent years the representation of gay and lesbian sexualities has increasingly shifted from subtext to text as characters move from the periphery to the front. Noticeably absent in this revolution are trans characters, who remain marginalized and underrepresented. Enter Bit , a film fronted not only by women, lesbians and POC characters, but also features a trans woman – Nicole Maines – as its lead actress. And it is so cooly confident that the word “trans” is never even used. Laurel (Maines) is a sarcastic high school grad who casts off her small town gay bestie Andy (Matt Pierce) to visit her brother Mark (James Paxton) in Los Angeles. Almost immediately she catches the eye of Duke (Diana Hopper), the lesbian leader of an all-female troupe of vampires that includes Frog ... Full story

24 June