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A South Carolina fourth-grader who dreams of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL is starting by helping local veterans . In a Saturday interview on "Fox & Friends Weekend," Greyson Winfield and his father Greg explained that they started Helping Footprint -- their mission to serve their community -- because it was the “right thing to do in times of need.”. INDIANA OFFICER HELPS 12-YEAR-OLD WITH LEMONADE STAND: \'I TRUST COPS\'. Working with his brother Garrett, the selfless 8-year-old collects gift cards to help those who need food , prepares small meals for other kids, and renders other considerate services. According to WMBF , he mowed his fifth yard Tuesday for a 20-year Marine Corps veteran. The veteran, Ron Linke, has a bad back and diabetes . Full story

3 days ago, 1 August