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DinDin couldn’t stop praising TVXQ ’s Yunho on MBC’s new variety program “What Do You Do For Fun” (literal translation)! “What Do You Do For Fun” is a new show by former “Infinite Challenge” producing director (PD) Kim Tae Ho. In a clip from “What Do You Do For Fun,” TVXQ’s Yunho is shown drinking with celebrities including DinDin. Yunho explains that he doesn’t drink often, but he does go all out on special days. When Yoo Byung Jae asks Yunho if he ever makes jokes, DinDin intervenes and says, “He does joke! But it really isn’t funny.” Because DinDin keeps answering in Yunho’s place, the others ask him if he’s Yunho’s personal aide, and DinDin comments that Yunho is a great man, adding, “I respect him more than my dad!” Full story

21 July