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Updated July 22 KST:. 100%’s Jonghwan has now also enlisted in the military. On July 22, Jonghwan enlisted for his mandatory military service at a training center in Nonsan. He will be serving as an active duty soldier after his five weeks of basic training. He shared a photo of himself on 100%’s Instagram with the caption, “Do I look okay too? It was a sudden announcement but don’t feel so sad, everyone. I’ll come back soon. Bye, Perfection.”. On his own Instagram, he posted a video of himself shaving his hair for the military and also a photo of his hug with Hyukjin! View this post on Instagram. 윙~. A post shared by 조종환 (@jonghwaan) on Jul 21, 2019 at 4:31pm PDT. Source ( 1 ). Original Article:. 100% members Rockhyun and Chanyong have enlisted in the milita... Full story

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