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“I don’t taste the salt,” said senior editor Gloria Liu. “It’s just cooling and refreshing.”. “This tastes like the best gummy bear ever!” agreed associate editor Lydia Tanner. The new Ginger Ale-flavored Bloks ( $37.99 for 18; Amazon ) were another big hit with our testers, who found them to be “pleasantly herbal” and “not too gingery or sharp—just like ginger ale.” The Ginger Ale blocks provide 200 calories portioned into 33-calorie cubes, with the standard 100mg of sodium per package. Riders tired of the sticky-sweet taste of fruit blocks also appreciated Clif’s new Spearmint flavor ( $36.71 for 18; Amazon ), which tasted refreshing and had notes of “drinking mojitos on a Southern p... Full story

11 May