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Clif just released a crop of new products for 2017, including whey protein bars in three flavors, a Peanut Butter Banana with Dark Chocolate-flavored Clif bar, and three new flavors of Shot Bloks. We assembled a panel of 12 energy-depleted experts, and put these distinctive new flavors to the test. For mid-run or ride energy, super-salty runners will appreciate the new Salted Watermelon Shot Bloks ( $37.96 for 18; Amazon ), which double the sodium of the standard blocks to 200mg per 180-calorie package. It’s a nice half-step between the regular blocks and Clif’s triple-sodium Margarita Bloks , which go down like electrolyte magic on a hot, sticky day but can taste excessively salty in... Full story

7 days ago, 19 May