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Delving into the archives of pop culture history, "Remember When?" is a new series offering a nostalgic look at the celebrity outfits that defined their eras. Remember when -- 33 years ago, to the day -- Freddie Mercury wore his iconic yellow jacket on stage at Wembley Stadium? The year was 1986, one year after Live Aid had cemented Queen as rock royalty, and frontman Mercury was back on stage for what would be his final tour. Having spent most of the '70s in a dazzling array of wild, low-cut leotards, he cut a more straight-laced figure in a military-style jacket, albeit one with multiple gold buckles and in a bright yellow hue. Studio 54: The disco playground where sex and glamour reigned. The jacket made its debut during Queen's "Magic" tour, a two-month trip through Europe that saw the band play 26 concerts, from the Swedish capital, Stockholm, to the sleepy British town of Stevenage. It was Queen's biggest tour ever, and the last for Mercury who was diagnosed with AIDS and died ... Full story

11 July