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X1 has now officially picked their leader! On July 22, the new “Produce X 101” project group held their first live broadcast together as X1 on V Live. The 11 members of the new group took turns introducing themselves to fans and promising to show even more of their talents and charms in the future. They also thanked their fans who voted for them. Kim Woo Seok said, “We have really great news. We’ll be holding our debut show-con on August 27 at the Gocheok Skydome.” He added, “Since it’s an opportunity for us to meet our fans, we’ll work hard at preparing.”. Han Seung Woo said, “Performing in a large venue is a great opportunity for us. We’ll work hard at preparing so we can make great memories. We hope many of you will come to see it.” Full story

22 July