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AP EXCLUSIVE:PTS RADIAN MODEL 1. We are starting 2019 with a bang, from the announcement of the Tekken 45 to the QRF Mod 1 and now...we have the PTS Radian Model 1. I like to give many thanks to KWA for the exclusive pictures. When I heard this weapon came out I said to myself "add another one to the list to buy." Whoever said that the GBB line is dead, take a look at this. This is KSC/KWA's newest showcasing the PTS branding. With solid design and weight, this is well suited for any agency or company to use for training or to enhance your MILSIM experience. Heres the release announcement:. The KSC/KWA PTS Radian Model 1 Gas Blow Back Rifle is a truly innovative rifle in both form and funct... Full story

23 March