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Philadelphia Tattoo Artist Turns Self-Harm Scars Into Art. Tattoo artist and co-owner of Crown and Feather Tattoo Co. Dylan Carr, along with client Alyssa Vache, join Good Day Weekend to discuss Project Tsukurou. A Philadelphia tattoo studio is on a mission to help self-harm victims whose visible scars present daily personal, social and professional struggles. Under "Project Tsukurou," Fishtown's Crown and Feather Tattoo Co. offers free services for self-harm victims who want to turn their scars into art. The word "Tsukurou," comes from Kintsukuroi , the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold. Dylan Carr, a tattoo artist and one of the shop's co-owner's, described the program as Crown and Feather's way of giving back. Full story

25 February