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On March 20, Brand New Boys - Lee Dae Hwi , Park Woo Jin , Kim Dong Hyun , and Lim Young Min - went on Naver's V Live. While making tteokbokki, they excited fans with major spoilers on their highly anticipated full group debut. Lim Young Min shared, "We will be opening our official SNS at the end of March." Lee Dae Hwi then revealed, "I said I'll be back before it gets hot in the summer, and our debut has been confirmed for May.". The boys added, " It's a time that many fans have been waiting for and we've also dearly waited for it as well. It's not long away now so please look forward to it.". Brand New Boys also expressed the wish to win the ' Rookie of the Year .' The members said, " We ... Full story

20 March