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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—Admitting that their tentative accord to end the war in Afghanistan came with some reservations, Taliban officials announced Monday that they had agreed to a peace deal despite their concerns about America’s human-rights record. “We’re willing to come to the table to achieve a peace between our two sides that is long overdue, but, given their past, we do have lingering concerns about whether human rights will be respected by the United States,” said Taliban spokesman Abaan al-Tawil, adding that his military organization harbored doubts about ending an 18-year military standoff without securing some basic promises from the United States to stop widespread infringement on people’s basic civil rights. “I mean, Christ, they have kids in cages. It’s our concern that a ceasefire won’t stop the leaders of the United States from using their political and religious power to oppress their citizens, and we’re particularly worried about their treatment of women. We’re ... Full story

21 February