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Actor Jung Woo Sung says his good looks are a hurdle he has to cross. Jung Woo Sung featured as a guest on the January 22nd episode of MBC FM4U 's ' Bae Chul Soo's Music Camp ', and the actor discussed his 25-year acting career. DJ Bae Chul Soo asked what it was like to be one of the most handsome Korean actors, and Jung Woo Sung said, "It's expected," adding "That's a joke I make often, but I feel embarrassed saying it here.". The actor then talked about his good looks affected him, sharing, "It's a judgment on a part of myself as a person, but it's not an absolute judgment. It's just a fraction of me, and the rest is up to me to fill out. I try to live my life thinking that judgments on ... Full story

22 January