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Back on March 14, ' UNIQLO ' held it's ' 2019 S/S UNIQLO Jeans ' event at the 'UNIQLO' shop inside Lotte World Mall. Various 'UNIQLO' endorsement models such as Krystal , Bae Jin Young , Hello Venus 's Nara , and DEAN attended the event as guests, alongside MCs Song Hae Na and DinDin . When singer DEAN came on for an interview, DinDin remarked, "I finally meet this person in real life! DEAN has arrived, and this is strange. DinDin meets DEAN.". After DEAN greeted the attendees, DinDin added, "It's so funny. This is the first time we're face to face with each other this close," and DEAN also agreed with laughter. Song Hae Na commented from the side, "DinDin and DEAN. It's 'three Din'.". Prev... Full story

16 March