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- September 25, 2021 | 8:59 PM. Check out the Correct Version of ‘Fair Trade’ Lyrics by Drake and Travis Scott. They sang about leaving toxic people and negative energy out of their lives. Drake and Travis Scott. SEE: Drake\'s reaction to Tems CLB Album Billboard Fonts. 'Fair Trade Lyrics' by Drake ft Travis Scott. [Intro: Drake]. I don’t understand why you blame me. Just take me as I am, it’s the same me. We should be (Yeah). Senseless sight to see. Yeah. Senseless sight to see. Ayy. [Verse 1: Drake]. Feeling young but they treat me like the OG. And they want the tea on me, I swear these bitches nosey. Said he put some money on my head, I guess we gon’ see. I won’t put no money on his head, my niggas owe me Full story

25 September