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The Trump administration continues to take action that could weaken the Affordable Care Act and curtail enrollment in coverage under the law. So far, it has:. 1 OPENED THE DOOR FOR SALES OF LESS EXPENSIVE PLANS WITH FEWER BENEFITS AND FEWER PROTECTIONS FOR CONSUMERS. SIGNED EXECUTIVE ORDER ON OCT. 12. 2 DECIDED NOT TO SEND HEALTH DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS TO LOCAL OPEN ENROLLMENT EVENTS IN STATES. FIRST REPORTED ON SEPT. 27. 3 DECIDED TO SHUT DOWN THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT WEBSITE FOR 12 HOURS NEARLY EVERY SUNDAY DURING OPEN ENROLLMENT. FIRST REPORTED IN SEPTEMBER. Navigators in Jacksonville, Fla., help people sign up for coverage. Screenshots from the 23 anti-Obamacare videos on the health department’s YouTube page Full story

12 October