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分かり易い尖閣史の概略六條、暫定版。少しづつ修正します。ユーチューブなどでご自由にお使ひ下さい。下手な英譯を作成中なので、皆樣より修正意見下さいませ。 1、China ignores documents of westside border line of Senkakus. There are many historical documents which indicate that the border lines of Ming and Shin (Qing, Ch'ing) Empires territories exist on the westside of Senkakus. The especially important document is a paragraph in 1617 year of "Komin Jitsuroku" (Huangming Shilu in Mandarin Chinese pronounciation, The Daily Records of Ming Court) . According to it, the coast guard officer says, "On the outside of the six islands along the continent coast from north tip to south tip of Fukken (Fujian, Hokkien) , there is the big ocean, in which many coutrie's ships sail com... Full story

25 June