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Iraqi Lentil Soup With Meatballs Recipe - NYT Cooking - - - - - - - - - -. Sorry! We're currently performing maintenance on the site. Certain actions are not working at this time. Check back later. Menu. LENTIL STEW. About 10 minutes. LENTIL SOUP WITH CHIPOTLES. 1 hour. LENTIL STEW WITH PUMPKIN OR SWEET POTATOES. 1 hour. LENTILS WITH PASTA AND CARAMELIZED ONIONS. 45 minutes. HEALTH SOUP. 30 minutes. BRUSSELS SPROUTS SALAD WITH APPLES AND WALNUTS. 35 to 40 minutes. RUTH REICHL’S CHICKEN DIAVOLO. 45 minutes, plus up to two days' steeping and marinating. CRANBERRY KETCHUP. 30 minutes, plus refrigeration. Cooking Guide. HOW TO COOK BEANS. Cooking Guide. HOW TO MAKE SOUP. Cooking Guide. HOW TO MAKE CHILI. Cooking Guide. HOW TO COOK SALMON Full story

28 January