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J Dilla ‘s legacy as a hip-hop producer and artist continues to be examined. The contributions he made to artists and groups like A Tribe Called Quest , D’Angelo , Erykah Badu , and The Roots and the countless posthumous releases have introduced new fans to one of hip-hop’s most influential artists. Contributing to that introduction is the recent rise of lo-fi hip-hop streams. Also called “chill-hop,” “jazzy hip-hop,” or the more specific “lo-fi hip-hop radio for studying, relaxing, and gaming,” lo-fi hip-hop has become a subgenre and subculture. It’s a subgenre featuring instrumentals rooted in the melancholy melodies of jazz and boom-bap drums of golden age hip-hop. WATCH: A Documentary on The Lineage of Detroit Hip-Hop Producers Full story

12 February