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I've been job-hunting since last September, because I'm ready to leave my current job. Now I have two job offers and two other opportunities I'm pursuing. Watch on Forbes:. Now that I have some job offers, I feel like I should be choosy. I already have a job, so I don't want to change jobs unless it's going to be a significantly better situation. Here are the details:. My Current Job. Title: HR Coordinator. Salary: $49,000. Culture Grade: F. Job Offer A. Title: Senior HR Assistant. Salary: $53,000. Culture Grade: I don't know, seems okay (A-C?). Job Offer B. Title: HR Generalist. Salary: $56,000. Culture Grade: Not sure, seems okay (A-C?). The HR Generalist job at Company B pays the most but it's hard ... Full story

13 January