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Congratulations to Davichi for winning first place with “Unspoken Words” on SBS’s “ Inkigayo ”! Second place was BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love,” and third place went to Lim Jae Hyun’s “If There Was Practice in Love.”. This week’s performers include Lovelyz , B1A4’s Sandeul, CLC, AB6IX, WJSN , ONEUS, Lee Hi, Teen Top, fromis_9, BVNDIT and more. Watch this week’s performances below! Lee Hi – “No One” (Featuring iKON’s B.I). AB6IX – “Breathe”. Teen Top – “Run Away”. ONEUS – “Twilight”. fromis_9 – “FUN!”. CLC – “Me”. WJSN – “Boogie Up”. B1A4’s Sandeul – “One Fine Day”. Lovelyz – “Beautiful Days”. BVNDIT – “Dramatic”. How does this article make you feel? Full story

9 June