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After her high school education, Wanini stumbled into the Kenya Prisons Service by chance. -. This was at a time when, in the words of Dr Willy Mutunga, who has written the foreword “ … any stint in a Kenyan prison was tantamount to a death sentence”. - Through anecdotes, life lessons and hard-eyed wisdom, she narrates her challenges and subsequent wins on her quest to give a face to the then infamous Kenyan prisons. Advertisement By JOAN THATIAH. Wanini Kireri’s captivating memoir, aptly titled The Disruptor, details an extraordinary woman’s trailblazing exploits in the Kenya Prisons Service. In this candid 142-page book, she tells all about her steady rise through the ranks in the prisons service in the 1980s and 1990s. Full story

25 January