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We Had an exclusive interview with US finest Yinka Rythmz, and this is what he has to say about his music, Unveiling of his multi million dollars project and his forth coming album…. Read Below >>>>>>>>>>>. 1. What’s your name please? My name is Adeyinka Adeola-Hazzan popularly known as Yinka Rythmz a.k.a Omo Mr. Somebody, Apase of West Coast. I am An Artist, Song Writer, Producer and an Entertainer. 2. Where are you from and where do you reside. I currently stay in Las Vegas, Nevada United States. Im originally from Ogun State Nigeria. 3. Are you married or Single? I am happily Married. 4. Can you tell us about Omo Mr Somebody? Mr. Somebody is a Versatile Artist, Song writer, founder of I’... Full story

25 September