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Thunder ( Park Sang Hyun ) and MBLAQ 's Mir talked for first time in 5 years. On the February 12th ' Video Star ', Thunder and Mir featured as guests, and host Park Na Rae asked about whether they'd seen each other since Thunder left MBLAQ in 2014. Mir responded, "I was young then, and I was hurt by the fact that the group became a trio. I could've contacted him, but it took a long time to settle my heart. That was when 5 years passed by. I changed my number after 2014, and I didn't really come out of the studio for 2 years. I still don't have Thunder's phone number.". Thunder revealed he had Mir's number in his phone, but it was his old contact. Mir continued, "I have a bad habit, and I t... Full story

12 February