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Everybody is fighting a battle. We live in an age where our social media personas can often times blind those from seeing what really exists inside of us. Sometimes you may never know what someone might be going through. Although I don’t usually talk too much about my personal life, I am happy to share a part of my story with you guys. In order to understand where I am today, let’s first take it back to my childhood. Growing up, I would consider myself as a happy kid for the most part. Almost spoiled in a way. My parents didn’t necessarily go overboard, but I had few complaints. I loved going outside, playing with toys, video games, sports and more. I did it all. Just like any normal kid. However, moving a lot steadily started to become more of the norm. I moved so much as a kid and even a teenager. It began to really wear me down. It was really difficult for me to deal with it. It’d be really stressful at times but I got through it. Seems like everyday I’d pass somewhere I lived at ... Full story

19 July