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The future of work is not job security, the future of work is financial security – the ability to earn income regardless of salary. Work, as we know it today, will be different post COVID-19. There will be downsizing, salary slashes, layoffs, and so on. The truth is the insecurity in the job market has tripled. If you are still holding on to your job, congratulations, but not for too long. While we pray that nothing bad happens to your job, we cannot rule out the possibility of it happening someday. You cannot rule it out, your employers cannot rule it out and even the government cannot rule it out. The only one with the power to give you some sort of temporary job security are consumers. When consumers patronize the company you work for, your company makes money and they are able to keep your job intact. But when consumers are scared to spend and hoard money, as is the case with the lockdown, organizations suffer and so does your job... Full story

16 July