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Having the same birthday is rare, but it's even more surprising to find out that these idols also share the same birth year as well! Here are 12 idols who were born on the same day. 1. 's Na Eun and Red Velvet 's Seulgi (February 10th, 1994). 2. BLACKPINK 's Jisoo and AOA 's Seolhyun (January 3rd, 1995). 3. BTS's V and Seventeen's Joshua (December 30th, 1995). 4. Ong Seong Woo and DAY6 's Doyoon (August 25th, 1995). 5. Gugudan 's Mina and WekiMeki 's Kim Do Yeon (December 4th, 1999). 6. Fin.K.L 's Sung Yuri and S.E.S 's Eugene (March 3rd, 1981) Full story

19 September