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Nolan Bushnell, CEO of X2 Games. "Alexa, turn my shoes on.". A genial old fellow on stage at the Alexa Conference in Chattanooga, Tennessee smiles as the soles of his shoes begin to glow red. Later, he asks the virtual assistant to make his shoes green. Lo and behold, green shoes. The man is Nolan Bushnell, and he's the former founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese. Once upon a time, he was also Steve Jobs' boss . Now, addressing an audience of developers as CEO of X2 Games, Bushnell and his LED shoes are trying to make the point that the age of voice is brimming with possibility. For Bushnell, a veteran gamer in every sense of the word, that possibility spells a new era of interactive board and card games that you'll play using Alexa. Full story

16 January