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Taeyeon has topped the brand value ranking for individual girl group members in October. According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation , Girl's Generation 's Taeyeon was at the top of the October data, followed by MAMAMOO 's Hwa Sa and Girl's Day 's Hyeri . 94,236,584 pieces of data were examined from September 18th to October 19th. The rest of the girls ranked were, in order, Jang Won Young ( IZ*ONE ), Nayeon ( TWICE ), Seolhyun ( AOA ), Jisoo ( BLACKPINK ), Irene ( Red Velvet ), Jennie (BLACKPINK), Sowon ( GFriend ), SinB (GFriend), Dahyun (TWICE), Momo (TWICE), Jihyo (TWICE), Sana (TWICE), YoonA (Girls' Generation), Jimin (AOA), Tzuyu (TWICE), Jungyeon (TWICE), Na-Eun ( A Pi... Full story

20 October