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THE GLOVES ARE OFF, WHERE DO YOU STAND? Shaq Cheris. Just now · 5 min read Photo by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash. We asked two editors from Medium, Amy Shearn and Matthew Savener , to debate both sides of the Oxford comma conundrum. Here’s what happened:. he Oxford comma. There may be no single stylistic choice that causes such a wide rift between those of us who work with language. It divides us — writers, editors, and grammarians. Or is it writers, editors and grammarians? If you’re not a huge word nerd, there’ a chance you’re not familiar with this stuffy-sounding piece of punctuation, so first let’s define it. The Oxford comma (or serial comma) is the last comma in a series of three or more — the comma before the “and” in most cases Full story

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