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DaniLeigh slams 'Yellow Bone' controversy: "I ain’t no white girl, I’m Dominican". Picture: Getty. The songstress has been labelled "colourist" over her controversial song 'Yellow Bone'. DaniLeigh has responded to backlash for her song controversial song "Yellow Bone", once again. This time, she went into a back and forth online spat with Love & Hip Hop star Akbar V. On Sunday (Feb 28) Singer DaniLeigh and Atlanta rapper Akbar V went at it on Twitter. “I want to tell you baby you are not Black,” wrote Akbar in a tweet that DaniLeigh responded to with, “Keep making music I’ll never hear.”. The two continued to go at each other in an extensive back-and-forth, with DaniLeigh saying that she doesn’t want to “be anyone but [herself].” Full story

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