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Highlight 's Kikwang shared about the pre-debut hardships. On February 18, Kikwang and Hwang Chi Yeol guested on JTBC 's ' Please Take Care of My Refrigerator .' While talking about their pre-debut hardships, Kikwang revealed he lived in one room with 7 other guys. He said, "Before debuting as B2ST , the 6 of us lived in a basement dorm. We lived in a very small place. It was 8 of us including 2 managers. There were only 2 rooms. One room was used as a closet. The 8 of us all slept in one room. We ate in our bunk beds.". Kiwang added, "There was only one bathroom so if we had a schedule in the morning, 3 people will go in together at once." Full story

19 February