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Hara revealed her feelings on Sulli 's passing on Instagram live. Hara previously posted a tribute to her close friend Sulli on the social media platform, and she followed up with an Instagram live session on October 15. Hara expressed, "Sulli, I'm sorry Unni can only greet you in this way. I hope you do what you want to do over there. Unni will live your share the best she can. I'll work hard.". She added, "Everyone, I'm okay. I was really close to Sulli, and I wanted to greet Sulli in this way, so I turned on a live stream with you all. I apologize. I'm sorry. Everyone, don't worry about me. Sulli, bye.". As previously reported, former member Sulli passed away in her home on October 14 KS... Full story

15 October