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tvN’s upcoming drama “Abyss” has released a new chilling teaser! “Abyss” is about two childhood friends Go Se Yeon ( Park Bo Young ) and Cha Min ( Ahn Hyo Seop ) who are murdered and brought back to life by a magical orb called the abyss. They look completely different than they did before their deaths, and they vow to find those who killed them. The video starts off with Cha Min holding the magical orb and saying, “Abyss. Anyway, you are saying that I was revived because of this orb.” He is then shown calling out to Go Se Yeon outside her house when the lights suddenly turn off. A voice over says, “Now, everything is finished.”. The scene cuts to Park Dong Chul ( Lee Si Eon ) saying, “D... Full story

24 April