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Bees Are Bouncing Back From Colony Collapse Disorder

The number of U.S. honeybees, a critical component to agricultural production, rose in 2017 from a year earlier, and deaths of the insects attributed to a mysterious malady that’s affected hives in North America and Europe declined, according a U.S. Department of Agriculture honeybee health survey released Tuesday. The number of commercial U.S. honeybee colonies rose 3 percent to 2.89 million as of April 1, 2017 compared with a year earlier, ... Full story

Trump Administration Eliminates Animal Welfare Rules

The Trump administration officially withdrew an Obama-era rule that would set higher standards for the treatment of animals whose meat could be sold as organic. The rule, created under the United States Department of Agriculture, would require poultry to be housed in spaces large enough to move freely and fully stretch their wings. Livestock would be required to have some access to outdoor space year round. The USDA officially overturned the ... Full story

JBJ fans gather with sunflowers for a silent protest of disbandment

JBJ fans gathered in a silent protest for their boys. JBJ was originally only signed on for 7 months. However, even though there were previous reports that it was very likely that they would be extending the contract, the decision was overturned due to some of the labels being against it. The group will end on April 30th as planned . SEE ALSO: JBJ to have their final release and concert in April. In protest against the label's decisions, fans ... Full story

St. Louis Is as Welcoming as It Is Budget-Friendly

Tom Duggan, the man behind the counter at Lemon Gem Kitchen Goods in St. Louis, Mo., was so talkative that I couldn’t help but stay and chat. He was filling in for his daughter, the shop’s owner, Beth Styles. I asked him what he liked about St. Louis and he said he once had a job that entailed a lot of travel, and that he always liked coming home. “It’s a great place to raise a family, the schools in the county are good, and the real estate is ... Full story

Exploring Afrofuturism in Film, Where Sci-Fi and Mythology Blur

“ Space Is the Place ,” which can be viewed in its 81-minute cut on YouTube (a 61-minute cut, which omits some odd sexploitation-movie elements, had been available to stream on the arts site UbuWeb, but the video link would not respond when I checked) was conceived as a concert picture by John Coney, a PBS director, but Sun Ra had something different in mind when he wrote the narrative film with Joshua Smith; it begins with the Sun Ra Arkestra ... Full story

‘S.N.L.’ Takes Aim at Betsy DeVos, Jeff Sessions and Rex Tillerson

Moffat next turned to Rex W. Tillerson, the outgoing secretary of state , played by Goodman, who tried to remain sanguine about his firing. “It just wasn’t a good fit,” Goodman said. “But these things happen.”. Asked if he had been fired by a tweet, Goodman denied it. “John Kelly called me personally,” Goodman explained. “He said, ‘Where are you?’ I said, ‘Sir, that’s private.’ He said, ‘Oh, good, are you on the toilet? Because I got some ... Full story

Putin on track for commanding win as Russians head to polls

ZELENODOLSK, Russia (Reuters) - Russians voted in a presidential election on Sunday set to give Vladimir Putin a runaway victory, the only possible blemish for the Kremlin being if large numbers of voters do not bother taking part because the result is so predictable. Opinion polls give Putin, the incumbent, support of around 70 percent, or nearly 10 times the backing of his nearest challenger. Another term will take him to nearly a quarter ... Full story

Dead zones in our oceans have increased dramatically since 1950, and we’re to blame

Two years ago Chile experienced phenomena that some called “toxic tides”. First came 23 million salmon dying off its coast. Then thousands of dead sardines washed up at the coastal town of Toltén. After that came beached clams, dead jellyfish, birds and even mammals. The Chilean government blamed the deaths on algal blooms, which are rapid increases in algae levels. Also known as red tides for the colour of the algae in the water, these blooms ... Full story

Syrian rebel fighters enter Afrin town, say Kurdish forces have pulled out

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Turkish-backed Syrian rebel fighters entered the town of Afrin shortly before dawn on Sunday and have taken control of parts of it after Kurdish YPG forces pulled out, a spokesman for the Free Syrian Army rebel fighters said. Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army fighters walk together after advancing north of Afrin, Syria March 17, 2018. REUTERS/Khalil Ashawi. Slideshow (4 Images). Mohammad al-Hamadeen said the fighters had so ... Full story

A second-grader once pointed a gun at me. I’m glad I wasn’t armed.

Students embrace following the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14. (John Mccall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP). Jennifer Rich is an assistant professor in the College of Education at Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J. When I began teaching, I taught second grade. Pokémon cards were popular then, and children often brought them to school to trade at recess. One day, a boy kept playing with ... Full story