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Flowers Glow Under UV-Induced Visible Fluorescence

Take a look at some of the flowers photographed by Craig Burrows and you might feel as if you’ve suddenly been transported into the alien world of Pandora from James Cameron’s Avatar . Brightly pigmented petals starkly contrast a black background as specks of light, like glitter or fireflies, scatter across the blossoms. It’s hard to believe, but Burrow’s work isn’t fiction—it’s science. To capture these otherworldly images he uses a technique ... Full story

GOT7’s Yugyeom Suffers Minor Injury On “Law Of The Jungle”

GOT7’s Yugyeom impressed the cast and crew with his positive attitude after suffering a minor injury on SBS’s “ Law of the Jungle .”. During the February 16 episode of the reality show, Yugyeom and the other cast members used bamboo stalks to build houses for shelter. The GOT7 member worked hard throughout the day, successfully managing to start a fire before moving on to gathering bamboo and helping with construction. After pouring all of his ... Full story

BTS Producer Pdogg Named Composer And Lyricist With Highest Royalties Earnings In 2018

Big Hit Entertainment producer Pdogg, who works closely with BTS, was awarded by the Korea Music Copyright Association for highest earnings from royalties in 2018. The Korea Music Copyright Association announced the recipients of their Royalties Awards, in which they honor the songwriters who have earned the most in royalties in 2018. Pdogg won as both the composer and lyricist with the highest earnings from royalties in the popular music ... Full story

Netizens talk about K-Pop songs with the best intros!

Netizens talked about K-Pop songs with the best intro sounds. With some songs, you either love it or hate it right away, or simply come to react to or recognize the song after hearing just the first few seconds. On one community forum , netizens discussed the songs with the best intros -- the first few seconds you play in the beginning of the song. EXO 's " Growl ". WINNER 's " Really Really ". " Both songs ('Growl' and 'Really Really') have ... Full story

Watch: NCT’s Jeno And Jisung Slay In Powerful Cover Of Taemin’s “Want”

’s Jeno and Jisung showed off their moves in an intense dance cover of SHINee’s Taemin ‘s latest solo track! On February 16, the two idols shared a video of themselves dancing to Taemin’s new solo song “ WANT .” Jeno playfully added in the caption, “Everyone, we’re in big trouble… [we’ve caught] the ‘WANT’ fever… everyone, please be careful as well… cough, I guess there was nothing we could do, since we’re ‘Taem-ddo-rol’ [a nickname for idols ... Full story

SHINee’s Key Jokes About His Upcoming Military Enlistment

SHINee’s Key and Wheesung put their careers on the line on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”! On February 16, Wheesung and Taemin appeared as guests on the latest episode of the quiz-solving variety show. During the program, the cast and guests tried to guess the lyrics to Lee Jung Hyun ‘s “Give It to Me” in order to win pork belly-black bean noodles. After listening to the song more than once, Wheesung expressed confidence in his answer by saying, “If ... Full story

Dok2 opens up his own luxury boutique hotel in Busan

Rapper Dok2 became a CEO of a luxury hotel. On February 16, Dok2 announced via Instagram that he has opened up a brand new boutique hotel located in Gwangalli, Busan. The official opening party had taken place on that same day at 6 PM KST, hosted by Dok2. In this hotel, the Best Louis Hamilton Hotel , a floor features a special ' Illionaire Dok2 Suite Room ' where the rooms overlook the beautiful beach view of Gwangalli. It is known that this ... Full story

Giles Duley Humanitarian Award

This is "Giles Duley Humanitarian Award" by Eric Mulker on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. Full story

Jessica: Anal Gaping + A2M Blowjob! Video

Home > Videos > Jessica: Anal Gaping + A2M Blowjob! 1027. From Movie: Anal Brats ... Full story

This is What Happens When a Python Tries to Eat a Porcupine

He’s dealt with elaborate booby traps, KGB agents, and a face-melting artifact, but to Indiana Jones, nothing’s more unsettling than snakes. Many people can relate. Ophidiophobia —or “the persistent and irrational fear of snakes”— affects roughly 1 to 5 percent of the global population. So does the clinical fear of spiders, also known as arachnophobia . But did you know that some people feel just as uncomfortable around chickens? From ... Full story