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RBW CEO Talks About MAMAMOO’s Plans For 2020, The Effects Of “Queendom,” And More

In an interview with OSEN, RBW’s co-CEO Kim Do Hoon shared his thoughts on MAMAMOO ’s past, present, and future. Before Kim Do Hoon became the CEO of RBW, he was a bonafide hitmaker who wrote popular tracks for S.E.S, SG Wannabe, Lee Seung Gi, IU, Soyou, CNBLUE, and more. In 2014, he became an idol producer and launched the successful girl group MAMAMOO. MAMAMOO gained fans through their vocals, high-quality music, and eye-catching ... Full story

JYP Entertainment opens online donation site 'JYP_EDM Wish' to help children with illnesses

JYP Entertainment has opened a donation website. The website, titled JYP_EDM (Every Dream Matters!) Wish is taking donations to help sick children so that they do not give up on their dreams despite their illness . The platform will also be telling the stories of the patients and will allow fans from all around the world to be able to participate as well. All donations will be forwarded to Make A Wish Korea and will be used to help achieve ... Full story

OnlyOneOf display their skills in dance cover of Rosalia's 'Malamente'

Rookie boy group OnlyOneOf showed off their fierce performance skills in a dance cover of Rosalia 's "Malamente" . The group showed off their sexy and charismatic side by showing off their flair and intense facials. The group may be new to the scene but it's clear that they have what it takes to capture an audience's attention! Check out the cover above! Full story

Celebrity baby Mason Moon from 'Hello Baby' is all grown up

Celebrity baby Mason Moon is all grown up! Mason Moon received a lot of attention back when he was a child after appearing in a movie with Jang Geun Suk titled 'Baby and I' and being cared for by T-ara on babysitting show 'Hello Baby' back in 2010. A recent online community post revealed that the child star is now a young adult! Netizens have been reacting warmly to the update, and are surprised at how much he's grown. Comments include:. "Wow ... Full story

2020 will be a moment of truth for foldable devices – TechCrunch

Phones were not the centerpiece at the recently wrapped Consumer Electronics Show; I’ll probably repeat this point a few more times over the course of this piece, just so we’re clear. This is due, in no small part, to the fact that Mobile World Congress has mostly usurped that role. There are always a smattering of announcements at CES, however. Some companies like to get out ahead of the MWC rush or just generally use the opportunity to better ... Full story

Google Cloud lands Lufthansa Group and Sabre as new customers – TechCrunch

Google’s strategy for bringing new customers to its cloud is to focus on the enterprise and specific verticals like healthcare, energy, financial service and retail, among others. It’s healthcare efforts recently experienced a bit of a setback, with Epic now telling its customers that it is not moving forward with its plans to support Google Cloud, but in return, Google now got to announce two new customers in the travel business: Lufthansa ... Full story

Super Junior’s Leeteuk Publishes His Own Cookbook

Super Junior ’s Leeteuk has proven his skills in yet another field by releasing a cookbook! On January 21, the idol shared a photo on Instagram of his book titled “Lee Teuk Cook Book.” He wrote through hashtags in the caption, “My book has finally come out,” adding that it’s about a year later than planned. The book contains “simple, easy recipes” from the idol, who’s been a host of the EBS 1TV show “The Best Cooking Secrets” since January ... Full story

This GENNY Home Unit Creates Drinking Water From The Air

The solar GENNY Watergen. Gather ‘round the water cooler and take a sip of this: Watergen plans to start selling a consumer version of its “water from air” appliance later this year. Dubbed the GENNY, it can generate up to 8 gallons of drinking water per day. There’s a plug-in version and another that runs on solar power. The company’s atmospheric generator technology has been in use commercially since 2012. It uses a patented GENius ... Full story

Kim Hye Soo Transforms Into A Clever Lawyer In New Drama With Joo Ji Hoon

Kim Hye Soo will make a surprising transformation in “Hyena”! This upcoming SBS drama is about the fierce competition between lawyers who use their knowledge of the law to pursue their ambitions for money. In her first drama in four years, Kim Hye Soo portrays a lawyer named Jung Geum Ja. She was unable to attend college due to her background but passed the bar exam to become a lawyer and refuses to let anything stand in her way of success. In ... Full story

Jin Hua storms out of the house after fighting with Ham So Won yet again

Jin Hua and Ham So Won engaged in a heated couple fight yet again on 'Flavor of Wife' . The January 21st broadcast showed the two engaging in a fight after Ham So Won became angry that Jin Hua didn't clean after their daughter's diapers. Jin Hua began cleaning while in a cold sweat but Ham So Won continued to lecture him, leading to his gradual anger. The fight eventually escalated when Ham So Won asked Jin Hua: "Is our apartment a toilet?" Jin ... Full story