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TWICE's Mina surprises fans by making unscheduled appearance at anniversary fan meeting

Mina surprised fans by showing up to TWICE 's October 20 fan meeting! The member, who has been taking a break from promotional activities with the group, appeared at the group's fourth debut anniversary fan meeting ' Once Halloween 2 ' at Seoul's Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium. According to press sources, Mina was not scheduled to attend, making her appearance all the more of a big treat for fans. During the event, she not only greeted her ... Full story

WINNER releases poster for Seoul stop of 'Cross' concert tour

WINNER is gearing up for a new concert tour! On October 20 at 4 PM KST, YG Entertainment released a poster announcing the Seoul stop of WINNER's upcoming ' Cross ' tour. As their first stop on the tour, WINNER will be performing two different shows at the Seoul's KSPO Dome on October 26 at 7 PM and October 27 at 6 PM. This concert series has particularly significance for the group as it is their very first Seoul-based concert since their debut ... Full story

Former T-ara member Ahreum has officially married her non-celebrity husband

Ahreum has officially gotten married! The former T-ara member married her non-celebrity husband on October 20 KST in Seoul. Previously, it was announced that the couple would be getting married on February 9 on next year, but the date was changed due to her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Ahreum announced both the wedding and baby news to her fans back on October 6, sharing both her sonogram image and the couple's stunning wedding photoshoot . ... Full story

Solbi trademarks her nickname 'Roman Princess'

Solbi has trademarked her nickname. 'Roman Princess' is the nickname Solbi has been called since she was on 'Radio Star' and she told the story of a fortune teller telling her that she had been a Roman princess in her past life. Since then, she had been lovingly called 'Roman Princess' by the public, and it looks like she's now officially trademarked the nickname. She posted a photo of her trademark and jokingly wrote, " You can be fined with ... Full story

united over Brexit, divided over much else - Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Summits are usually a chance for European Union leaders to discuss problems and try to strengthen their union. But after two days of talks in Brussels, the only issue they could agree on is the very one that’s a symbol of disunity: Brexit. European Union leaders attend a round table meeting at the European Union leaders summit, in Brussels, Belgium October 17, 2019. Olivier Matthys/Pool via REUTERS. Ironically, on the ... Full story

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Inside the Band's Big Sales Week | Billboard

From left: Ten, Baekhyun, Lucas, Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, and Mark of SuperM photographed on Sept. 12, 2019 at Teo Studio in Seoul. A little over two months ago, the world didn’t even know about K-pop group SuperM. Yet this week the seven-piece band turned heads when it landed a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 with its first-ever LP, The 1st Mini Album , driven almost entirely by album sales. It’s a stunning achievement for the project, which was ... Full story

Jackson's 1st solo-album 'Mirrors' pre-sells over 500,000 copies

Jackson has sold over 500,000 copies of his first solo album. Jackson has been pre-releasing a lot of singles, and they'll be a part of his 1st solo album ' Mirrors '. The album includes "Bullet to the Heart", "On the Rocks", "Dway!", "Unless I'm With You", "Bad Back" (featuring Goldlink), "Titanic" (featuring Rich Brian), "Faded", and the Chinese version of "I Love You 3000". As of the 19th, Jackson has sold over 500,000 copies just in ... Full story

Egypt uncovers 'huge cache' of ancient sealed coffins

Archaeologists have uncovered a "huge cache" of more than 20 sealed coffins in the city of Luxor, according to Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities. The seemingly well-preserved sarcophagi were discovered "as the ancient Egyptians left them," said an official press statement highlighting their intact engravings and surviving coloration. Found in Al-Assasif, an ancient necropolis on the west bank of Nile, the coffins were spread out over two levels ... Full story

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