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Kamala Harris: For The People

Kamala Harris has spent her entire life defending our American values. From fighting to fix our broken criminal justice system to taking on the Wall Street Banks for middle-class homeowners, Kamala has always worked For The People. Meet Kamala Harris. Play Video Large square with a triangle inside Full story

The secret structure of great talks

From the "I have a dream" speech to Steve Jobs' iPhone launch, many great talks have a common structure that helps their message resonate with listeners. In this talk, presentation expert Nancy Duarte shares practical lessons on how to make a powerful call-to-action. Full story

Weighted blankets might ease insomnia and anxiety. Here’s what to know before buying one.

Weighted blankets are hot: The adult-size weighted blanket from Rocabi was one of the items in The Washington Post’s 2018 Gift Guide. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post). If 2017 was the year of the Instant Pot, 2018 was the year to gift or get a weighted blanket — a duvetlike bed cover weighing from five to 25 pounds. Never heard of one? Neither had I, until I got this assignment. But they are a hot commodity. For example, the Gravity ... Full story

D.O. Describes EXO Members As Lifelong Friends And His “Home”

In a recent interview and pictorial for Singles magazine, talked about EXO’s bond and what his bandmates mean to him. The idol-turned-actor recently took on voice acting for the very first time in the new animated film “ The Underdog .” When asked about the movie, D.O. commented, “I’ve always been a fan of animated films. The screenplay for ‘The Underdog’ was so good that I accepted my casting offer right away.”. He went on, “They added my ... Full story

This is our chance to completely redefine the meaning of work

When you were a child what did you dream of doing one day? Did you want to be an astronaut, a nurse, or a teacher? Perhaps you imagined finding a cure for cancer, or working out how to send the first humans to Mars? Did you end up living your dream? While many of us dreamt of doing meaningful jobs, chances are the work we get paid to do doesn’t contribute to society as much as we would like it to. But the nature of work is changing – and ... Full story

Ten Unmistakable Signs Of A Cheap Employer

My current job offers me absolutely nothing in the way of career advancement, intellectual stimulation or learning. That's why I started job-hunting last month. I'm job-hunting on my own time, at night and on weekends. I've had two interviews with one potential new employer. The first person I met was the HR manager, "Karla." She was nice, but she said some weird things. She said that the company starts everyone out at the bottom of the pay ... Full story

GoFundMe launches official campaign for workers impacted by government shutdown

GoFundMe is partnering with Deepak Chopra to launch a different kind of campaigns. The company is going beyond its usual role as a platform and hosting its own campaign to provide relief for government workers impacted by the current government shutdown. The company is partnering with several nonprofit organizations that are providing support to government workers. For now, GoFundMe is supporting ... Full story

Tokyo court rejects Ex-Nissan chair Ghosn’s bail request

Click to copy TOKYO (AP) — A court in Tokyo on Tuesday rejected former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn’s latest request for bail, made more than two months after his arrest. The decision by the Tokyo District Court came a day after Ghosn promised to wear an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet, give up his passport and pay for security guards approved by prosecutors to gain release from a Tokyo ... Full story

Netflix is raising prices across of all of its tiers

Netflix is raising prices across all of its streaming plans between 13 to 18 percent, marking its largest price hike to date. CNBC reports that the lowest $8 tier will now cost $9 while the $11 and $14 plans will increase to $13 and $16, respectively. New subscribers will be subject to the higher prices immediately while current Netflix members will see the new pricing roll out over the next three months, according to CNBC . Netflix most ... Full story

'School Rapper 3' confirms mentor lineup + February premiere date

Mnet 's ' School Rapper ' season 3 is premiering this February 22 at 11 PM KST with an upgraded mentor lineup. This season, the show's 4 mentoring teams will be made up of Team The Quiett & Code Kunst , Team Groovy Room , Team Giriboy & Kid Milli , and Team Hangzoo and Boi B . This will mark Team Groovy Room's second year on 'School Rapper' after leading 1st place winner Kim Haon as a mentor last year, as well as Giriboy's second year after his ... Full story