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Intimate photos show families adapting to a world changed by coronavirus

Families are fluid, constantly changing shape through birth and marriage, death and divorce, love and friendship. Until now, when coronavirus has frozen families in place. From Normandy to Moscow to Johannesburg, illness and pandemic precautions are forcing families into intense intimacy or stark separation. There is no in-between. There are only the people you see every day, all day, and the people you can’t see, unless through a window or a ... Full story

New York Dad Bans 21-Year-Old Son From Family Home After His Son Ignored His Advice And Went On Spring Break Anyway

A father from New York refused to let his son back into the house after he went on spring break against his father's wishes. Full story

Will learning to live with less save humanity?

- Indeed, there is an emerging international consensus that the current Kenyan industry development model is no longer sustainable. - With more people working from home, companies are being forced to finally build a culture that allows work flexibility and work-life balance. Advertisement By RACHEL WAMBUI. Every child in every Kenyan household was ingrained with the desire to achieve more. You were to do well in school, get a good job, make a ... Full story

USPS drivers bringing mail to areas hardest hit by coronavirus demand hazard pay

Despite all the disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, mail delivery has remained one of the most steady parts of society. But as the number of coronavirus cases increases, United States Postal Workers are saying it's time they receive hazard pay. A petition on explains the demand for the hazard pay, saying, "we are essential during this epidemic, we should at be paid for it." It has garnered more than 309,000 signatures. ... Full story

How to watch Ravens vs. Steelers 'Football Week' primetime 2010 matchup

New Ravens defensive lineman Derek Wolfe has wanted to be a Raven at three separate times during his career. The first time was before he was drafted in 2012 when he thought the Ravens might pick him. The second time was before the trade deadline in the 2019 season, when he debated asking Broncos general manager John Elway for a trade to Baltimore. The third time was the charm. After the Ravens’ signing of Michael Brockers fell through, they ... Full story

At funerals in virus outbreak, mourning is from a distance

LEXINGTON, S.C. -- No one stands in line to embrace the widow and share memories of her husband of 50 years. No rows of family and friends file toward the flag-draped coffin to pay their last respects. No symphony of sniffles is heard across the room as the minister gives a final prayer. Instead, a handful of people are scattered across one chapel row as if they're strangers, not blood. White roses are pinned to empty chairs, representing those ... Full story

New York virus deaths surge past 3,500

Image caption New York City hospitals have reported equipment hsortages. New York state has recorded 630 more coronavirus deaths, another daily record that takes its toll to 3,565. Most deaths have been in New York City. The state now has almost as many cases - over 113,000 - as the whole of Italy. Governor Andrew Cuomo said infections could peak in between four and 14 days. "Part of me would like to be at the apex and just let's do it. But ... Full story

How do We Work with Power? – Ram Dass 2020

When I was in India, this very powerful Shiva swami took me at four in the morning and lead me down the street. He took me up to a little temple at the top of the street, and he whispered a mantra into my ear. He did puja (prayer) over me for two hours, and I went out of my consciousness, I went out somewhere, I don’t know where I went, and later they came and whispered in my ear and brought me back. I couldn’t stop doing this mantra, and I ... Full story

Man’s Anxiety Not About To Let Depression Muscle In On Turf

PHOENIX—Unwilling to cede decades of hard-won advances, local man Roger Cannon’s persistent anxiety vowed Monday that it would not let clinical depression muscle in on any of its turf. “Look, I’ve had a vise-grip on this guy for 30 years, so I’m not about to roll over now and let some despondent feelings and an overriding aversion to activity waltz in and take over his emotional state,” said the mental disorder, adding that it would “crank up” ... Full story