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Sulli's ex-boyfriend Choiza flooded with negative comments on social media after her passing

Sulli 's ex-boyfriend Choiza has been inundated with negative comments on social media after her passing. The former member and Choiza made waves after their relationship went public in August of 2014, and they were later confirmed to have broken up in March of 2017. Both celebrities endured malicious comments throughout their relationship, and it seems some netizens are taking out their shock and anger over Sulli's death on Choiza's Instagram. ... Full story

Kim Petras Takes A Glittery Ice Bath In Her Fierce 'Icy' Video

Hell hath no fury like Kim Petras scorned. In a move that should leave men everywhere shivering and shaking, the pop star has released perhaps her coolest (no pun intended) visual yet, for the Clarity single "Icy.". The new vid was directed by Alexandre Moors — who recently helmed Miley Cyrus's "Slide Away" and "Mother's Daughter" — and it opens on Petras slithering inside a glass case. The scenes only get more frosty from there, as she dances ... Full story

Hyunseung celebrates his 10th anniversary since debut

Hyunseung is celebrating his 10th anniversary since debut. The now solo singer has received fame through his participation as a member of B2ST and unit group Troublemaker with Hyuna. Happy anniversary to Hyunseung! Full story

Black family arrested for ‘loitering’ on their own front lawn

Appearing on MSNBC's "Morning Joe," an editor from the Financial Times looked at new polling showing a majority of Americans want Donald Trump impeached and said odds are rapidly increasing that the Senate will vote to remove the president. Speaking with host Joe Scarborough, Financial Times U.S. National Editor Edward Luce said things are looking grim for the president -- particularly in light of new information revealed by former Trump Russia ... Full story

1THE9 stuns in red for latest group and individual teaser images for 'Blah Blah'

1THE9 is definitely bringing on the heat in their latest teaser images for their 2nd mini-album 'Blah Blah' . The boys are definitely taking red as a motif, which can be seen in all their teaser images. The members' good looks shine through and fans can't wait to hear what this group has to offer. Check out the rest of the teaser images below! Full story

Lib Dem staffer says sorry after 'gaslighting' black MP Dawn Butler in race row

MP Dawn Butler picked up on a high profile race row earlier this year, while calling out the tweet (Picture: PA; Twitter). A Liberal Democrat MP’s husband has apologised to a black MP for suggesting she lied in a column about her experiences of racism . Steve Wilson – who is also chief of staff for Angela Smith – who described people of colour as having a ‘funny tinge’ – suggested Labour’s Dawn Butler had made up being mistaken for ... Full story

Defiant Dave Chappelle | National Review

Dave Chappelle in Toronto, Canada, September 9, 2018 (Mario Anzuoni/Reuters) In the face of critics bent on suppression, he tells it as he sees it. hen Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special Sticks & Stones came out in August, the overwhelming response from critics was that it was offensive, unacceptable garbage. Inkoo Kang of Slate declared that Chappelle’s “jokes make you wince.” Garrett Martin, in the online magazine Paste , maintained that the ... Full story

Sulli reportedly requested legal action from SM Entertainment against malicious commenters

Sulli is reported to have requested legal action from SM Entertainment against her malicious commenters. In an interview with Busan Report on October 15, an entertainment industry insider revealed Sulli had been suffering due to malicious comments. The insider stated, "Sulli went through a tough time dealing with malicious comments. She consistently asked her label to take action in order to deal with these comments.". She's said to have told ... Full story


It's been a handful of days since BTS V’s VLIVE became “ Fastest to reach 200M views ”, it already has set another standard record for others to follow. Trend setter V’s Vlive from June has become Fastest to reach 1B hearts in almost 4 months. VLIVE App has a feature of sending hearts to the Idols’ videos, for fans to show how much they love and appreciate the presence of Idols which is very important as it brings in positivity. Fans all around ... Full story

Hara reveals her feelings on Sulli's passing in Instagram live

Hara revealed her feelings on Sulli 's passing on Instagram live. Hara previously posted a tribute to her close friend Sulli on the social media platform, and she followed up with an Instagram live session on October 15. Hara expressed, "Sulli, I'm sorry Unni can only greet you in this way. I hope you do what you want to do over there. Unni will live your share the best she can. I'll work hard.". She added, "Everyone, I'm okay. I was really ... Full story