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Parents of children under two pay 5% more - BBC News

A report has found parents in England, Scotland and Wales are paying 5% more on childcare for under-twos than a year ago - and 4% more for two-year-olds. Childcare now costs on average more than £130 per week for a part-time nursery place for a child under two, according to children's charity Coram. It has called for reform and simplification of childcare system. The government said it was increasing the rate it paid for free childcare ... Full story

NASA's InSight lander has detected over 450 "marsquakes" on the red planet

NASA discovery could signal life on Mars. The first year of data from NASA's InSight lander is officially here, and it's revealing some surprising findings about Mars. The space agency announced Monday that hundreds of "marsquakes" have been detected on the red planet, providing potential insight into its inner workings. InSight is the first mission specifically dedicated to uncovering the secrets beneath Mars' surface. It landed on the planet ... Full story

Democratic candidates facing off on stage in South Carolina: Live updates

Seven candidates have taken the stage in South Carolina ahead of the state's primary and before 14 states and one territory vote on Super Tuesday, when a third of all pledged delegates will be up for grabs. The candidates vying to take on President Donald Trump are facing off , in podium order from left to right: former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren , ... Full story

Scottish drugs summit over tackling death rate

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption Chelsea, whose parents are both drug addicts, says people can show more compassion. The Scottish government is holding a drugs summit in Glasgow just 24 hours before the UK government hosts its own event in the same venue. Both aim to find solutions to the public health emergency that has seen drug misuse deaths reach record levels. Figures show there were 1,187 drug deaths in 2018 and ... Full story

New MacBook Pro Details Highlight Apple’s Painful Decision

This week has opened with details on Apple’s move to using its own ARM-based chips inside Mac computers instead of buying in chips from Intel. The latest information comes from noted industry analyst Ming Chi Kuo. But don’t go expecting your MacBook Pro Arm to arrive in the near future. Apple needs to decide when to make this painful move. Juli Clover reports for MacRumors : …the detail confirms multiple past rumors that have suggested Apple is ... Full story

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada Caucuses — Trump Immediately Responds

Sen. Bernie Sanders will win the Nevada caucuses, Fox News reported . This solidifies Sanders as the front-runner for the Democratic nomination. Former Vice President Joe Biden will likely finish in second place followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 3rd. Former South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and billionaire Tom Steyer are projected to finish 4th, 5th and 6th, respectively. Ther are 36 delegates at stake. “We just won the Nevada caucus. ... Full story

Leishenshan Hospital provides more than 1,000 beds for diagnosed #COVID19 patients to contain #coronavirus"

CGTN: "Live: Leishenshan Hospital provides more than 1,000 beds for diagnosed #COVID19 patients to contain #coronavirus". -. -. - Sorry, this site requires JavaScript for full functionality. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Full story

Why a Texas county had a radical rethink on crime

Image caption A sheriff's deputy in Harris County, Texas, responds to a fire at a chemical plant. Democrat Beto O'Rourke lost his Senate bid in 2018, but his failed campaign led to a major overhaul of the criminal justice system in the Texas's largest city, writes The Marshall Project's Keri Blakinger. The candidacy of O'Rourke, a young and charismatic congressman, energised Democratic voters in this deep red state and added momentum to a ... Full story

Can Wearing a Hat Make You Go Bald?

The Short Answer from a dermatologist Full story

Who's under the ban and who isn't? - CGTN

China's top legislature, the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC), has approved a draft decision to ban illegal wildlife trade and eliminate wild game eating. Read: What you need to know about thoroughly banning illegal wildlife trade. Animals on the 'List of wildlife under state special protection' and 'List of terrestrial wildlife with important ecological, scientific and social values' are prohibited from any forms ... Full story