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Donald Trump Jr. arrives in India to help sell apartments

NEW DELHI (AP) — The eldest son of President Donald Trump has arrived in India to help sell luxury apartments and lavish attention on wealthy Indians who have already bought units in Trump-branded developments. Donald Trump Jr. posed for photos Tuesday morning with Indian developers, who are building the complexes in four cities. Later in the week, he is scheduled to make a speech about Indo-Pacific relations at a New Delhi business summit, ... Full story

For a Real Taste of Montreal, Go Beyond Poutine

As Canada’s capital of cuisine, Montreal earned its food-scene fame through French-Canadian food: from the high-end, foie-gras-laden menus to the gravy-laden French fry dish, poutine. But beyond the classics and restaurants run by chefs on the covers of magazines, Montreal’s dining scene holds a less-talked about treasure: food from around the globe, served at holes-in-the-wall, lunch counters, and high-end restaurants. The combination of ... Full story

Google's Indian mobile wallet can pay bills in a few taps

Manually paying your bills online usually involves jumping between multiple apps or websites, but Google might have an easier way. Its Tez mobile wallet app for India now includes a bill payment feature that lets you handle all those recurring costs in one place. You can add from a list of 80-plus companies (including utilities and telecoms) and pay directly from your bank account with a few taps. You get notifications when bills pop up, so you ... Full story

Why Do People Really Quit Their Jobs? Here's the Entire Reason, Summed Up in 5 Words

In the quest to crack the code on keeping employees happy and motivated, corporations the world over spend a chunk of wasted money on cookie cutter methods to "engage" their employees and "train" their leaders. Actually, let me share a secret with you. It's much simpler than that and much more cost-effective (in fact, it may be relatively free to pull off). First, managers must have a basic understanding of human behavior, and how experiencing ... Full story

$100 GC to Winn-Dixie-1-US-Ends 2/23

I wish there was a Winn-Dixie near me--I know I sure could use $100 towards groceries! If you live near one--then don't hesitate--take a ch... Full story

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honeydrop_506 - 170915 BAEKHYUN (11P).rar Full story

Burrell Is Runner-Up for Multicultural Agency of the Year | Special: Agency A-List 2018

They're listening (from l.): McGhee Williams Osse, Fay Ferguson and Lewis Williams. Credit: Courtesy Johnny Villalobos/Burrell Communications. Last year, Burrell grew like nobody's business, adding a whopping 10,000 new employees. Well, in a manner of speaking. The expansion was thanks to the agency's Social Listening Lab, a new proprietary tool it developed in 2017 that gathered a focus group of 10,000 African-American influencers with a ... Full story

Antranig - Going Deeper

Cookies help us deliver this service. By using this service you agree to our Terms , Privacy and Cookie Policy . COOKIES. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This includes cookies from third party. Such third party cookies may track your use of this landing page. Our partners also use cookies to ensure they show you advertising that is relevant to you. WHAT ARE COOKIES? Cookies are small text files that ... Full story

Chipotle is testing a trendy new menu item — and it shows that the struggling chain has entered a new era (CMG)

Hollis Johnson. - Chipotle added quinoa to the menu at its New York City test kitchen. - The trendy grain is just one of many new menu items Chipotle has tested in the past year, including queso, which it later added to menus at locations across the US. - The chain is entering a new era as Taco Bell's CEO takes over as the top executive , a position long held by Chipotle's founder. Chipotle on Monday added a trendy new item to the menu at its ... Full story

5 private islands in Southeast Asia you probably have not heard of … yet

Incredibly remote and decidedly luxurious, you would want to have any of these sun-soaked destinations all to yourself. Koh Rang Noi, Thailand. Photo: The Asa Group. When it’s time to run away from the hustle and bustle, we won’t fault you for immediately thinking of travelling to Koh Samui, Cebu and the Maldives but forget those if you’re looking for the perfect combination of rarity, privacy and true luxury. Instead, find your way to these ... Full story