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Coronavirus hype leads New York’s top lawyer to probe Zoom over security

Zoom, the free conference calling app that’s found booming popularity amongst both users and stock traders during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, has now drawn the attention of New York attorney general, Laetitia James. James’ office sent the company a letter on Monday that requested the startup provide details of additional steps its taken to protect new users, which are especially important considering Zoom’s rough history with security ... Full story

'No magic solution': Lawrence Wong on why Singapore is not locked down amid COVID-19 outbreak

SINGAPORE: There is no “magic solution” to the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore, and a series of brakes are needed to handle the situation, said National Development Minister Lawrence Wong on Tuesday (Mar 31). When asked at a press conference why Singapore has not been locked down, Mr Wong said: “There is a view, I think, that people sometimes say, ‘why don’t you just … don’t have to wait, just go for the drastic measures now, go for the ... Full story

Researchers explain why social distancing is so hard for many of us

For many people, the most distressing part of the coronavirus pandemic is the idea of social isolation. If we get ill, we quarantine ourselves for the protection of others. But even among the healthy, loneliness may be setting in as we engage with pre-emptive social distancing . There is some great advice out there about how to stay connected at such times. But why is the act of social distancing so hard for so many of us? The answer probably ... Full story

Nintendo to release several remastered Mario games this year

Nintendo is apparently going to celebrate the 35th anniversary of its most beloved character by releasing multiple Mario classics on the Switch, including Super Mario Sunshine , which hasn’t been available since the GameCube days. And it couldn’t come at a better time. Insiders apparently leaked the details to both Eurogamer and VGC . The games won’t just be released on the Switch — they’ll evidently be remastered as well. The games in question ... Full story

Canva Pro can save you hours building your own digital graphics. It’s on sale now for $12.99.

TLDR: A 3-month subscription to Canva Pro can handle all of your digital graphic needs with ease for just $12.99. Owning a plane doesn’t make you a pilot. Running a sports team doesn’t make you an athlete. And having tools like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator doesn’t make you an artist. Even with the help of those high caliber apps, it takes training and loads of experience to produce a professional-grade ad or product design or even a great ... Full story

Concerts Might be Canceled, But You Can be Your Own DJ with These Ableton & Logic Pro X Courses

TLDR: The training in The 2020 Music Production with Ableton Live 10 & Logic Pro X Bundle explains both music production and the music business for under $50. Even giant companies like Apple know you’re sitting at home without much to do right now. That’s an opportunity for a forward-thinking company like Apple, which is probably why they’re soon opening up extended 90-day free trial subscriptions on one of their most popular apps, music ... Full story

A 20-Minute Guided Meditation To Help You Deal With Uncertainty

In Shamanism, we call these times of uncertainty or unknown "the void." We know this realm holds massive positive power for unlocking dormant gifts and love within you, to expanding into greater possibilities for your life, and raising your perspective to higher grounds that support a rebirth into your grandest self . This passageway oftentimes requires courage, perseverance, and trust. But if we hold the new line and can find spaces to remain ... Full story

Why I’m staying in New York: A coronavirus crisis pledge

The first “Why I’m Leaving New York” personal essay probably appeared in 1967, when Joan Didion penned her iconic “Goodbye to All That.” While Didion set the standard, more recently such essays have become so prevalent, they are . “All that” was before the pandemic. For the past several days, New York City has become a markedly different place. It doesn’t resemble the city any of those essays chronicled. Pedestrians are absent from sidewalks ... Full story

Pa. Sheetz closes as busy convenience stores see more employees hit with coronavirus

More and more, coronavirus is finding still-busy convenience stores a convenient target -- first Wawa and now Sheetz. After reporting that as many as a dozen Wawa stores in Pa. and New Jersey had been closed for deep cleaning after employees tested positive for coronavirus, Sheetz had to shut down one of its store for similar reasons. As WNEP and WOLF news stations report, it happened at the Sheetz location in Trucksville/Shavertown, Luzerne ... Full story

Mindfulness as a Daily Habit – Ram Dass 2020

MINDFULNESS AS A DAILY HABIT…. All of us can remember those first moments of clear presence and mindfulness when we realized there is a path to inner freedom. Once that switch goes off our perspective on the world changes. And it is only then that we can actually begin to look at our life from a different vantage point. We start to look at ways to get free inside instead of getting more stuck. Self-awareness gives us a vantage point or a ... Full story